Where do you buy Microgreen seeds from?

We have been buying our Microgreen Seeds from this company linked below for 4 years now! They are a trustworthy supplier, with fair pricing. When picking seeds, buying in bulk has a higher upfront cot, however it will save you money in the end.



What type of lights do you use for Microgreens, and What is your Microgreen light schedule?

We primarily use LED lights that are 20 watts each and we use three of them per shelf. Each light puts out roughly 2,000 lumens which is a combined output of 6,000 lumens per shelf. We prefer to use only LED lights since they use less energy and create less heat than fluorescent bulbs… The color temperature we use for lighting is 6000-6500K. We keep our lights 8 inches above our Microgreen grow trays. As for our lighting schedule, we have had great results with 17 hours ON and 7hours OFF every day.


What temperature do you keep your grow space for Microgreens?

Here in North Dallas Texas, our grow space stays between 75-80F degrees in the Summer (Best Germination Temps) and between 67-73F in Winter and our humidity is around 50% or under. We also have one large fan that circulates the majority of the air and small computer fans on each shelf of each rack. All fans are running 24 hours a day. We do not pump carbon-dioxide into the space and the space only exchanges air when we open the door a few times throughout the day.

Airflow is really important along with making sure you don't over or underwater your Microgreens. Pay attention to your plants, soil, and their roots... You will begin to learn their needs based off the appearance of those three things... If you want to start growing, we suggest you start small, with only a few Microgreen trays. We think it is best to experiment first with what you are wanting to do as it is the best way to see if you like the process and results.


How much do you sell your Microgreens for, and what should I charge customers for my Microgreens?

Short Answer: we try to get a minimum of $20-25/tray for our Microgreens... Long answer: Our suggestion is to look around your local area to see what the prices are... Also, know that you can really sell the product for whatever you think is fair... We have local growers that sell their Microgreens for $5.00 for 4oz of product at nearby farmers markets. We sell ours generally for $10 for 4oz of product. We know that we use all organic ingredients and put a lot of care and time into our Microgreens and brand so we know they fetch a higher value.

Look to see if there are other people selling microgreens at grocery store, farmers markets, do you see them at restaurants, so on and so forth... What are they selling them for? Are they local? Are people buying them? If you see someone buying them, don’t feel afraid to ask them why they wanted to buy those Microgreens. There are free marketing lesson from people who are moving the product... How are they displaying their products? What are they saying to the customer? So on and so forth. Then figure out your product and value your time fairly to see what you feel is fair. There are a lot of ways you can sell microgreens so be creative...