FAQ PG; Free Microgreen Troubleshooting, FAQ & Lingo - PDF
Where do you buy Microgreen seeds from?

We have been buying our Microgreen Seeds from this company linked below for 4 years now! They are a trustworthy supplier, with fair pricing. When picking seeds, buying in bulk has a higher upfront cot, however it will save you money in the end. Click here for the seed supplier.

For more answers to common questions we've received around growing Microgreens, be sure to download our Free Microgreen Troubleshooting, FAQ & Lingo PDF Guide by clicking on the photo to the left. And if you aren't familiar with our YouTube Channel, be sure to check it out @OnTheGrow. We have over 230 YouTube Videos focused on Ad-Free Education for learning how to grow Microgreens. Or take a look at a few of our videos below!