Free Microgreen Troubleshooting, FAQ & Lingo - PDF

Free Microgreen Troubleshooting, FAQ & Lingo - PDF

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In this Free PDF: Microgreen Troubleshooting, FAQ & Lingo you'll find:

Page 1; A Trouble-Shooting Microgreens Cheat-Sheet

  • How to Identify & Treat Under-watering Microgreens
  • How to Identify & Treat "Damping Off" on Microgreens
  • How to Identify & Treat Over-watering Microgreens
  • How to Identify & Treat Leggy Microgreen Growth
  • How to Identify & Treat Mold when growing Microgreens
  • How to Identify & Treat Fugues Gnats & Pests when growing Microgreens

Page 2; FAQ Cheat-Sheet for getting your Microgreen grow-space setup

  • Lights & Timing for growing Microgreens
  • Fans & Airflow for growing Microgreens
  • Grow-space Temperature & Humidity for growing Microgreens
  • Where to Buy Microgreen Seeds from in the USA
  • Selling Microgreens & Starting a Microgreens Business
  • Building a Microgreen Grow-Rack
  • How to Grow Microgreens

Page 3; Common Microgreen Growing Lingo Cheat-Sheet

  • What is Blackout, and what it means for Microgreens
  • What is Weighted, and why its important for Microgreens
  • Identifying Root-hairs amongst mold
  • Top-watering Microgreens
  • Bottom-watering Microgreens
  • What are Microgreen leftovers? And what to do with them.
  • Cococoir & RGM

Page 4; Quick Links to Microgreens Resources

  • In this section, you'll find a thoughtfully laid out page with quick links and resources to information we thought would be useful for growing microgreens. All of the links are inline with each section of this Free PDF, in hope that it will help guide you to becoming confident in identifying, troubleshooting, and discussing your grows! We'll update the links within this section from time to time.


  • This guide is based off of our experiences growing in Zone8a + other information in guide may differ for you, as there are so many variables that can affect a grow. This guide is meant to help give you an idea of what to do & how to identify.
  • This guide, and all information within this guide is property of On The Grow, llc. Altering or copying this guide is prohibited. Use of this guide in courses, classes, consultations, for profit in anyway, or for content on social media, emails, marketing, and blogs without written consent from On The Grow,llc is prohibited and will incite legal action. This is intended to be a free resource for the On The Grow,llc community & customers. All images, text, logos, and information belongs to On The Grow,llc.