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Meet The Team - On The Grow 2024On The Grow® was started in 2019 by CJ Vaughn & Mandi Warbington within the Dallas, Texas metropolis. We spent from 2019 to date disrupting the Microgreen & Indoor Agriculture  communities with our highly informative content on YouTube.

Our number one goal is to see you succeed with the most confidence when it comes to growing, in hopes that you will continue to grow the ripple of fresh produce to your families, friends and communities.

This is one of the many reasons why we have such a large community between all of our social media accounts, and why we’ve been able to help hundreds of thousands of people grow microgreens since we started in 2019. We are very involved with our community and offer support and many resources. As well as being a wildly transparent brand.

We have since started selling our own grow products and Microgreen books to continue to empower Microgreen growers around the world, whether you’re a home grower, large scale Microgreen grower or somewhere in-between, there is a place for you to learn and grow with us.


On The Grow's 160sqft Mobile Microgreen Trailer

    From 2019 to 2022 we primarily grew inside of a custom built 20ft x 8ft cargo trailer. The 160 sq-ft space became our grow-lab & filming studio on wheels. This space is where we filmed over 190+ videos on YouTube & received over 8,054,191 lifetime views as of 2024 on our channel, making a staple in the agriculture community within the niche of microgreens.  The name ‘On The Grow’ came about because of the mobility of our grow-space. However, the meaning of On The Grow, to us, also describes how we are always on the grow in both our personal & business lives to be the best we can be, while making a positive impact in the world. And we’re fortunate enough to have reached our goal 10x over at this point in our careers.

      We’ve been featured in articles from Master Blend International, Hobby Farms & Shoutout DFW. As well as worked with amazing brands such as Fox Farm Soil & Fertilizer Co., Hector Batiz Studios, and Rick Smith JR.