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Free Microgreen Seeding Guide - PDF

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In this Free PDF Microgreen Seeding Guide you'll find:

  • How much Microgreen seed we use for 43 various varieties on a 10x20 tray.
  • Suggested grow medium for each Microgreen variety.
  • How long we leave each Microgreen variety under Weight & in Black-out.
  • Which microgreen seeds we do and do not soak
  • Links to corresponding YouTube Video full walk-through for each variety.
  • The Average grow time we've experienced for each Microgreen Variety.
  • Ease of grow for each Microgreen variety.
  • Microgreen growing notes.
  • Our average harvest weight for each Microgreen variety
  • & MORE!

🎉 If you're looking for a Microgreen Seeding Guide that can be applied to  Sprouting Trays, or our 7x14 Trays, you can find our "Free Tray Specific Microgreen Seeding Guide" download here


  • This guide is based off of our experiences, and grow times + other information in guide may differ for you, as there are so many variables that can affect a grow. This guide is meant to help give you an idea of what to do.
  • We have yet to include "Reusable Microgreen Grow Medium" under the "Suggested grow medium" tab on guide - as this guide was created nearly 2 years before we started using the RMGM. If you have questions on which seeds will work on that medium, check out our blog, and scroll down to the section on the topic.
  • The information in this guide is property of On The Grow, an is not intended to be sold or copied for personal use / distribution.