Basil Growing using On The Grow's All-In-One Kit
All-In-One Grow Kit _ Kit Includes_ Photo Infographics
Microgreen Counter Top Kit - Just the kit
Microgreen Counter Top Kit - Other Supplies
Microgreen Counter Top Kit - Just the kit
Basil Growing using On The Grow's All-In-One Kit
All-In-One Grow Kit _ More Info _ Photo Infographics

OTG Grow Light Microgreen / Plant Tray Kit

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🥗ALL-IN-ONE GROW KIT: With this kit you can grow a variety of Herbs, Small Flowers, Vegetables or Microgreens right on your Countertop! The multi-functional base & light stand swaps from cloning or adult veggies to microgreens or sprouting, by simply removing the water level stick! *Updated design - the white mesh tray now has slits for those wanting to us self watering mediums too*

👍EASY TO USE: the instructions make it easy for you to put the together the kit to fit your growing needs.

💡LET THERE BE LIGHT: Included in the kit is a single 24W 4000K Light Panel that can be adjusted in brightness, height and set on a timer.

💧WATER: There is a 'Lack of Water' indicator that will let you know when your greens are needed more water


  • (1) Grow Deck
  • (1) LED Light Panel
  • (1) Light Post
  • (1) Base
  • (1) Tank
  • (1) Adapter
  • (6) Smart Soil
  • (6) Planting Baskets
  • (6) Domes
  • (1) Indicator Tube
  • (1) Water Level Stick
  • (1) Nipper
  • (6) Plant labels
  • (1) Mesh Microgreen Tray
  • (1) Tray Humidity Dome
  • (2) Silicone Reusable Grow Medium
  • (1) Scraper Cleaning Tool
  • (1) English How To Grow Microgreens Instructions
  • (1) Kit Instructions (English)

🎉STRONG & DURABLE: These food-safe PP (Polypropylene) trays will last for years with proper care. We have grown many microgreen varieties on these trays indoors and under grow light to great success! These were made to last!!

**We now sell the 7x14 Silicone Reusable Grow Medium separately here

😁BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We have a 1-Year Warranty on these OTG Microgreen Tray Sets!!



  • System Dimensions = 14in long x 7in wide. When set on the lowest light height the system is 12inches tall, or at the highest light height 19inches tall.
  • Fits 2" net cup plugs
  • Kit only includes what is listed in the "Kit Includes" section. Seed NOT included.
  • White Microgreen Mesh Tray has an internal dimension of 13.75in long x 6.65in wide x 1.5in deep
  • Please review our "Reusable Grow Medium Safety Disclaimer" prior to purchase.