DIY Organic Pest & Disease Control Spray for Microgreens, Indoor Gardening & Outdoor Gardening

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Microgreens are a fantastic addition for anyone looking to garden, offering a burst of flavor and nutrition in tiny, vibrant packages. However, like any garden venture, they can fall prey to pests and diseases. Mold & damping off being the most common. To ensure your microgreens thrive, it's important to have an effective pest and disease control solution on hand, just in case something does pop up, or you just want to take the extra initiative during germination. In this blog, we're sharing a DIY recipe for an Organic Pest & Disease Control Spray that has worked wonders for us.

What’s also wonderful about this Organic Pest & Disease Control Spray is it’s not limited to only Microgreens, it can also be used to manage both indoor and outdoor gardens for things like powdery mildew, amongst other common pests & diseases.

Here are some of the benefits of the ingredients:

Potassium Bicarbonate: known for fighting fungal diseases such as mold, and especially powdery mildew. When applied to the affected area, it raises the pH on the surface, creating an environment that is less favorable for mold or fungal growth. It’s also known to boost plant growth because it contains potassium, as well as being a soil balancer for acidic soil.

Neem Oil: This oil acts as a shield against bugs that harm plants, making them less likely to attack, while also throwing off their hormones to make it hard for them to grow and make more bugs. Making this a wonderful choice for dealing with pests such as Fungus Gnats which are common when growing microgreens. Because Fungus gnat larvae live in the soil/medium and feed on the roots of plants, or decaying plant matter. Neem oil can control and disrupt the life cycle of these larvae. It affects their ability to feed and develop, reducing their numbers. Not to mention, it too helps fight fungal diseases such as mildew and rust. Most bugs will also avoid neem oils scent!

DIY Organic Pest & Disease Control Spray for Growing Microgreens and Gardening | Prophylactic
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Oregano Oil: Acts as an antifungal. Oregano oil is said to be affective for fighting off mold, powdery mildew, downy mildew, leaf spot, and Botrytis (Gray Mold)

Non-scented Castile Soap: This soap acts as an emulsifier for the oils, however that’s not all it does! It can be used to make a natural bug spray to keep away soft-bodied pests like aphids in outdoor & indoor gardens. As well as making plant & microgreens leaves less attractive for Fungus Gants to lay their eggs, thanks to the soaps residue. Additionally, when applied on top of soil / the medium, it can reduce their ability to breathe, which can control their population. 

Now that you know more about the ingredients in this spray, it's worth noting that there are various ways to create your own DIY garden or plant spray. The following recipe is just one of those methods, and there are numerous homemade options and combinations to consider. When choosing your ingredients, it's always a great idea to research and select what you feel most comfortable using for your microgreens, as well as your indoor & outdoor plants & gardens.

Recipe for Organic Pest & Disease Control Spray:


  • 2 liters of water
  • 1 tsp Food-Grade Potassium Bicarbonate
  • ¼ tsp Organic Neem Oil
  • ¼ tsp Organic Oregano Oil (or citrus oil)
  • 1/8 tsp Organic non-scented Castile Soap
    *All ingredients can be found here*


  1. Start by mixing 2 liters of water in a spray bottle or garden sprayer.
  2. Add 1 tsp of Food-Grade Potassium Bicarbonate.
  3. Incorporate ¼ tsp of Organic Neem Oil and ¼ tsp of Organic Oregano Oil (or citrus oil) into the mix.
  4. Finally, add 1/8 tsp of Organic non-scented Castile Soap and give it a good shake to combine all the ingredients thoroughly.


DIY Organic Pest & Disease Control Spray for Growing Microgreens and Gardening Prophylactic - Microgreens

Application for Microgreens: This Organic Pest & Disease Control Spray is perfect for spot-treating problematic seeds or for taking extra precautions during the germination phase of your microgreens.We use it either in place of regular water, or following a light mist of regular water. It works well for both outdoor and indoor gardening. The best part is that all the ingredients used in this recipe are food-grade and organic, making it a safe choice for your microgreens and other produce. Remember that if you plan to sell your greens, you should research and implement proper sanitation practices to meet quality and safety standards. And when choosing the brand of ingredients you plan to use, make sure they are labeled food safe, as well as organic.

Application for houseplants & gardens: can be used every one to two weeks, and if dealing with an active pest or disease issue, you could increase the frequency to every five to seven days. However, Always conduct a patch test on a small area of the plant and observe for any adverse effects over 24-48 hours before applying more broadly. It's best to spray in the early morning or late afternoon to prevent leaf burn. Use the spray sparingly on the soil to protect the microorganisms there, and avoid using it on plants that are under stress. If any negative reactions occur, discontinue use immediately.

If you'd like to learn more about common issues with growing Microgreens, we have a Free PDF Available that covers this information and much more: Free Microgreen Troubleshooting, FAQ & Lingo - PDF

Keeping your microgreens & garden healthy and thriving is a rewarding experience, and this DIY Organic Pest & Disease Control Spray can be an invaluable tool in your gardening arsenal. It's a cost-effective, safe, and natural way to protect your microgreens & garden from pests and diseases while ensuring they remain healthy and vibrant. Happy growing!


*Please note: This information is not meant to serve as guidance for health, environmental concerns, or business decisions. Always conduct thorough research and experimentation before applying any methods to ensure the well-being of your plants. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of ingredients may differ between brands, and different plants may have varying preferences. You can conveniently find all the necessary items for this recipe on Amazon. We've included our affiliate link throughout this blog to a curated list where you can easily locate everything in one place. By using this link for your purchases, you support us as we earn a small commission from Amazon with no addtional fee to you.


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    Deepa PK
  • Iam a microgreens grower in India.
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    Deepa PK
  • Does this solution work for ants, too? We are having ants problems in our grow room!

  • Does this work for ants as well? We are having ant problems in our grow room!!


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