"Becoming A Microgreen Master” by On The Grow: Comprehensive Microgreen Master Class Book

Do you want to learn how to grow Microgreens at home or start up your very own Microgreen business? Or, better yet, maybe you want to enhance your existing one? Luckily for you, our book, Becoming a Microgreen Master with On The Grow, will provide you with all the necessary information – and more!
Hardcover Becoming a Microgreen Master by On The Grow


If you’re new to the Microgreens world, you may have noticed that most people are focused on selling Microgreens rather than only growing them for self consumption. To further clarify, as you’re scrolling through social media, you may have seen over the last couple years that there are many people that tend to sell you courses or books on the business aspects of growing these tasty, highly nutrient-dense Microgreens and tell you how you can turn them into profit. While said courses and books are admirable – and, most of all, convenient – very few teach you the needed methods of growing them nor how to use microgreens. However, for most of us, this is the first thing we want to do before developing a successful business model.

Growing Microgreens for self-consumption are becoming more and more popular across the globe, as they have been making headlines on many popular news outlets, big-name articles, and health-conscious influencers. For instance, the widely-followed Instagram page Medical Medium has deemed Microgreens as revitalizing foods in their post, offering tons of information on their properties and benefits. However, we may all agree that starting a microgreen business and actually growing these green beauties are two completely different things. Normally, you’ll want to learn how to professionally grow the products you’ll be selling in order to maximize your profits.

For that reason, “Becoming a Microgreen Master” by On The Grow teaches you the very basics of these greens – how they can be beneficial for your own health and, furthermore, your business. The founders of the company and expert plant growers, CJ Vaughn and Mandi Warbington (soon to be Mrs.Vaughn), have compiled all of their knowledge about growing Microgreens during their 10,000+ hours & 1000s of experiments conducted via YouTube and behind the scenes from 2018 to 2021. The book mainly focuses on teaching the in’s and out’s of ‘How to grow Microgreens’, but it also includes a lot of insightful information about starting a successful greens business, where you’ll be selling a product that noticeably stands out from the rest. Additionally, you’ll find that the On The Grow YouTube channel fans have been honored in the best way! Mainly, BAMM is written in a tone of voice that’s on point with how we talk in our videos - this is a self-published book, after all! We did our best to add our voices and humor while keeping things highly educational and entertaining.


So, what was the main goal of our book? Simply, we wanted to make “Becoming A Microgreen Master” THE best book for all things Microgreens, starting with the ABC's to the biggest complexities. For the beginner grower, all the way to veteran green thumbs, “Becoming A Microgreen Master” has provided value to thousands of people worldwide. With this in mind, there’s a reason why our book has sold in over 75 countries around the world since May 2021! And, while we try to keep to our most humbled selves, we take great pride in knowing that many people refer to it as a “Microgreen Bible”!

What Information Can I Find In “Becoming a Microgreen Master”?

Below, we have listed a few of the main topic sections that you will find within “Becoming A Microgreen Master” by On The Grow. Additionally, within each section are subsections filled with lots of helpful and detailed information, along with clear and colorful images!

  • What are Microgreens?
  • How are Microgreens used?
  • What is the cost to start growing microgreens?
  • Know your Microgreen crops: The basics
  • How to achieve the optimal Microgreens harvest?
  • Top 10 Microgreen varieties we suggest growing
  • Type of Microgreen grower/vision
  • Where do I buy all the supplies?
  • Where to buy Microgreen seeds?
  • Microgreen Lighting: Natural vs. Artificial
  • How to grow Microgreens
  • Choosing Microgreen grow Trays/ Mediums/ Nutrients
  • Hydroponic Nutrients vs. Soil Additives (including our favorites + ratio list)
  • Mixing nutrients and pH-balancing water
  • Watering methods
  • Growing Schedule (rotating microgreen crops)
  • Identify, manage, and prevent microgreen crop issues
  • Root hairs vs. Mold
  • Soaking microgreen seeds vs. Non-soaking
  • Sanitizing, Harvesting, and Storing Microgreens
  • Storing Growing equipment
  • Knife vs. Scissors – short-term & long-term
  • How we harvest Microgreens
  • What to do with the microgreen leftovers
  • Recording your growth data
  • Storing your Microgreens
  • Washing vs. Non-Washing Microgreens
  • Expected cost to grow Microgreens commercially
  • Growing Microgreens indoors vs. outdoors
  • Commercial Microgreen Growers
  • Let’s talk about chefs and Microgreen Distributors
  • What is the cottage food law?
  • Basic supplies needed to start growing Microgreens commercially
  • TONS of Microgreen Tips & Tricks
  • Microgreen Recipes – Main Dishes, Sides, and Desserts

Additionally, you’ll find a Microgreen Resources section which includes information on where to buy seeds and growing supplies. Moreover, you’ll also learn about handling branding and the legalities surrounding a Microgreens business. Finally, we have also provided a cheat sheet for growing the most nutritious greens, either for your self-consumption or for your thriving business. All this and more are stored in a 196-page book – a treat for all green thumbs! Please note that this book is copyrighted, and all information, images, and guides are the property of On The Grow® , LLC.

What Formats is “Becoming A Microgreen Master” Available In?

“Becoming A Microgreen Master” is available for purchase in English as:

Furthermore, we also offer translations of the book in Spanish, French, and German in digital (PDF and Kindle) format.

Where Can I Purchase “Becoming A Microgreen Master”?

“Becoming a Microgreen Master” can be purchased on our website, our Etsy store, as well as Amazon and Amazon Kindle. Physical copies bought through our store and Etsy will be personally signed by the masters (no pun intended) behind the book, CJ and Mandi. On the other hand, purchases made on Amazon will not have this addition since they are fully responsible for the shipping and printing. We also only receive a fraction of the profit made from sales outside of our website & Etsy shop.

We even have a Microgreen Starter Kit available, that includes a Paperback copy our book "Becoming a Microgreen Master", as well as (3) Large Sprouting Trays & a randomized color mix of (6) Microgreen Tray Clips.

Looking For Microgreen Recipes?

36 Easy & Unique Microgreen Recipes

We are all aware that Microgreens are not only nutritious, but they can also greatly spruce up most meals! Besides growing them, you obviously need fun ways to use microgreens. While “Becoming A Microgreen Master” features some recipes, we have created a separate book that will teach you how to use your greens in a unique way, which will surely get your taste buds dancing with joy - “36 Easy & Unique Microgreen Recipes” available in physical and digital format. Here, you will find 36 delicious recipes that feature Microgreens, including main and side dishes and even deserts! Best of all, this book was made entirely, photographed, and tasted by On The Grow and Mandi’s mom! With that said, quality is surely guaranteed!

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